Day Seventy-Eight. All grown up

After a relaxing day with the family celebrating Father’s Day, I decided to whip the camera out and snap some pics of my niece and nephew.

As you can tell from Day Nine ( she definitely loves the lens.


Day Seventy-Seven. Beautiful Mexico

Over the past week, my girlfriend and I travelled south from Canada down to Cabo San Lucas (aka Cabo), Mexico. As the city is reliant on tourism for funding, the traditional Mexican culture has dwindled significantly.

Cabo San Lucas is beautiful but my girlfriend and I were forced to travel 30mins by bus to the town of San José del Cabo to experience some true local culture.

This photo was taken in the backstreets of San José del Cabo.

Day Sixty-Nine. Winterpeg Wonderland

On Friday afternoon news spread around town that a major blizzard was due to slam the city of Winnipeg within hours. A light drizzle rolled over the city til breakfast Saturday morning, leaving everyone to believe that it was hoax.
Wrong. It was just running late. Over 30cm was dumped between midday and midnight Saturday.
Winter is now in session!

Day Sixty-Eight. Chicago Timelapse

*Suggestion: Worth watching in HD*

I was lucky enough to get some time off work to head down to Chicago for a week recently. I was told by so many people that it’s a “must see”, now I am one of those people, I love Chicago!
It turned out to be cheap as chips driving over the border to Fargo in North Dakota and catching a two hour flight to the windy city. To be totally honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if I did it again in the near future.
A bit about the video, I spent four days shooting downtown Chicago and a little over two weeks to complete post production editing.

I hope you like the final clip. Enjoy.

Music: Apathy ft Coma.

Day Sixty-Seven. Time Lapse

*Suggestion: Worth watching in HD*

Since posting Day Sixty-Four a couple of weeks ago, I have spent a bunch of my time committed to this clip. I wanted to create a new timelapse that could show different exposures, locations and sceneries, as well as experiment with different editing platforms.

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