Day Sixty-Four. Time Warp

*Suggestion: Worth watching in HD*

It took me hours of research just to get to this point, the basics behind time lapse photography.
I have found that you can do so much with it, for example I want to attempt a tilt-shift time lapse (when everything seems to be miniature) next.

I have just created my Youtube channel (nothing speccy as of yet) here:


5 Responses to “Day Sixty-Four. Time Warp”

  1. eliotcresswell

    Nice start. Dig the trains.

    Timelapse is a fantastic hobby, even for talentless dudes like me. How did you achieve the motion in you video? With a camera-mount rig or in editing?

    • StopSayingCheese Photography

      Thanks Eliot!

      It’s funny because the last clip of the trains, I got busted for being on private property. Officially shat my pants!
      I haven’t invested in a dolly…yet. So the movement is from post editing.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • eliotcresswell

        I’ve definitely been there. That’s half the fun of shooting-finding cool spots you’re not sure you’re allowed to be in.
        In my humble opinion, the movement is effective partially because you’ve got such wide angle shots with lots of detail. Well done. Look forward to future pix and vids.

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