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Day Sixty-Eight. Chicago Timelapse

*Suggestion: Worth watching in HD*

I was lucky enough to get some time off work to head down to Chicago for a week recently. I was told by so many people that it’s a “must see”, now I am one of those people, I love Chicago!
It turned out to be cheap as chips driving over the border to Fargo in North Dakota and catching a two hour flight to the windy city. To be totally honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if I did it again in the near future.
A bit about the video, I spent four days shooting downtown Chicago and a little over two weeks to complete post production editing.

I hope you like the final clip. Enjoy.

Music: Apathy ft Coma.


Day Sixty-Seven. Time Lapse

*Suggestion: Worth watching in HD*

Since posting Day Sixty-Four a couple of weeks ago, I have spent a bunch of my time committed to this clip. I wanted to create a new timelapse that could show different exposures, locations and sceneries, as well as experiment with different editing platforms.

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