Day Forty. “Only 364 more days til hockey tryouts”

I have been waiting for this day ever since playing tee-ball in under 9’s for the Rockets. My first opportunity to belt a few home runs in a batting cage.
Note to self, invest in Batting Cage business when I get back to Adelaide.
P.S – Does anyone know what movie todays blog title quote is from?


Day Thirty-Nine. Worst Case Scenario

Day Thirty-Nine. Worst Case Scenario

Needed to take advantage of the long weekend here in Canada, so we decided that a nice peaceful drive down to the States would be perfect. Although we probably should have checked the weather forecast first, we packed the car and ran.
About 20 miles from our destination, Minneapolis, a rolling thunderstorm hit the highway with an almighty umph!
We were forced to take the nearest highway exit, and pull into this corner store and wait for the thunderstorm to subside (temporarily).
I will mention that this image is completely untouched.

Day Thirty-Six. First Try

Day Thirty-Six. First Try

This is my first attempt at a long exposure shot of the stars. It wasn’t easy, as it took me a couple of goes. The worst was that I left my camera sit outside for 30mins and realised I had the aperture set too low (2.8), so as you would expect it turned out completely over exposed. I will be the first to admit that I need some serious practice.

Day Thirty-Four. New Technique

Day Thirty-Four. New Technique

This is my first attempt at HDR Photography, a way of capturing several images with different exposures.
Then compounding the images into a program (I used) called Photomatix.
Then a couple of slight tweeks in Photoshop and this is the final result. I can’t wait to perfect this technique.

Day Thirty-Two. Flashback

Day Thirty-Two. Flashback

Since moving to Canada everything has been great, until today. I have been hit with a cold that has knocked me out of the park.
I have been forced to post a photo I took when I was in California a few weeks ago.

Day Thirty. Five Pin Bowling

Day Thirty. Five Pin Bowling

Today was the my sisters first official day in Winnipeg, even Canada for that matter. Caught the 18 bus to downtown, then the 11 to Polo Park shopping mall.
It was too bad the weather was crappy, it forced us to stay indoors. But it was a blessing in disguise because Erin had the chance to play some 5 pin bowling for the first time. Had a great time!

Day Twenty-Nine. Welcome To Canada

Day Twenty-Nine. Welcome To Canada

I have been searching high and low for a meat pie since leaving Australia, instead I found a bakery that sell lamingtons. Easily the best lamingtons I have ever tasted, so I wrapped up a dozen and I was on my way.
Perfect timing for my sisters arrival from the states.

Day Twenty-Seven. Mr. Whippy

Day Twenty-Seven. Mr. Whippy

As I was planning my photo for today, I heard some bells ringing in the streets. Not like church bells, or a school breaking for lunch.. it was far more annoying.
Turns out its Canada’s Mr. Whippy, but he must have lost his licence because he (or she) was forced to hit the streets on this…
I wonder what the reaction would have been like if I asked for some golden gaytime?

Day Twenty-Six. Second Serve

Day Twenty-Six. Second Serve

As I was working on this image in photoshop, I dont’ know why but I just started liking it more and more. Have I gone crazy?
This photo was taken in Santa Monica last week just before you step onto the world famous Santa Monica Pier.

Day Twenty-Five. Reruns

Day Twenty-Five. Reruns

Unfortunately I didnt have time to snap a photo today, but I have posted a photo I took back in Adelaide. Glenelg Marina to be exact. When I went out there one night with my sister, another photo made that day’s cut.. but this one was a very close second. Reminds me of one of those 1000 piece puzzle images, if it was a puzzle I would give up so quickly.

Day Twenty-Three. Fresh Start

Day Twenty-Three. Fresh Start

Monday. Woke up surprisingly refreshed this morning considering the stressful weekend I had.
Although after 2 hours of Maury, I didnt feel as fresh. I just want to know the results of the next DNA test.
Anyway, caught this perfect shot on the way home from Taco night, the Manitoba Legislature Building.

Day Twenty-Two. Lazy day

Day Twenty-Two. Lazy day

Walked into a furniture store today to buy a futon for our living room, walked out with the biggest corner couch set. Fair to say the salesman won that battle, so we grabbed some chinese from our “local” to …celebrate? Can anyone guess what dishes are in the photo?

Day Twenty-One. Running Errands

Day Twenty-One. Running Errands

Moving to another city is so tedious, took 3 days to commit to buying a tv… just the tv! So I made today the day to buy everything else.
When I was driving from one Salvation Army to the next I passed over this bridge that looked too good to pass up. It is a couple of streets away from Redwood and Salter, the roughest part of town.. introducing the Redwood Bridge.